• Image of Flow Body Oil: Communication Therapy

REMIX by Giselle Wasfie's line of 100% natural, aromatherapeutic body oil is hand-blended with jojoba and available in all five REMIX scents.

The warmth of Flow captures the free-spirited vibe of a sunny day on the beach where worries and daily struggles recede with each passing wave. Flow helps to open up creativity and communication through the blend's energetic essence of "letting things happen"—palm tree sold separately.


Balances mood swings.

Eases restlessness and engages the senses.

Generates optimism.

USES: You can smooth it on after a shower, dab it on pulse points as a subtle perfume scent, or rub it into the ends of your hair for nourishment and shine.

COMES with a dropper in an organic muslin bag that is compact enough to carry in a purse or bag, to apply as needed throughout the day.

30ml in a glass bottle

All REMIX remedies are 100% natural, organic, wild-harvested, or selective, and hand-blended in Chicago.

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