• Image of Chill / DAY Body Oil: Relaxation Therapy

REMIX by Giselle Wasfie's line of 100% natural, aromatherapeutic body oil is hand-blended with jojoba and available in all five REMIX scents.


Feeling anxious? Reach for the bottle of Chill/DAY to quell nerves and turn the volume down. Grounding without being sedating, this blend smells refreshing and airy. Dab on pulse points pre-meditation or before your yoga practice when you want to get centered.


Uplifting and bright, helps keep the mood light.

Relieves stress.

Sedates adrenaline and relaxes the nervous system.

USES: You can smooth it on after a shower, dab it on pulse points as a subtle perfume scent, or rub it into the ends of your hair for nourishment and shine.

COMES with a dropper in an organic muslin bag that is compact enough to carry in a purse or bag to apply as needed throughout the day.

30ml in a glass bottle

All REMIX remedies are 100% natural, organic, wild-harvested, or selective, and hand-blended in Chicago.

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